APK Group responds to evolutions in the energy market

15 November 2021
Tightened climate targets move the energy market

The EU is showing the way, with the launch in 2019 of the Green Deal, the hydrogen strategy and with the recently launched fit for 55 package. With a series of climate targets, the EU wants to drastically reduce CO2 emissions by 2030.

If we look at our neighbouring countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany or the United Kingdom, we can see that there is a lot of focus on alternatives to gas (including hydrogen and heat networks) for heating, greening of electricity production (through solar panels and wind) and electrification of transport.

And if we look a little further into Sweden or Israel, for example, we can see that there is also a lot of innovation going on in the area of road works, such as integrating solar panels into the roadside and wirelessly charging vehicles as they drive along the road, not to mention eVTOLs.

Belgium is still a little behind on the large-scale deployment of some of these technologies, but as a sector we must get ready and get on the right track.

The choice of technologies is enormous, and obviously does not make it easy for organisations and policy makers to make the right choice for the future. That is why they naturally count on partners with the necessary expertise to guide them. As an organisation, we closely follow the evolutions in the market and we strongly believe that these evolutions offer challenges, but above all great opportunities to our customers.

For example, it can mean new sources of income for local governments, and offer ways for players in the energy market to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

As we at APK see that our clients are operating more and more on a European scale and need a broad portfolio of services to be taken care of, we are betting hard on inorganic growth.

But in addition, we continue to invest in our people and to recruit new people to realise our ambitions.

By investing in our people, we are able to deliver quality projects. For example, APK Group has its own division, Q Academy, to provide ongoing training and the flexibility to meet the capacity needs of our clients.

And we can evolve with the end customer's expectations, taking into account the entire customer experience.

We are also fully committed to digitalisation and new innovative solutions such as 'infrastructure as a service' (IAAS) to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, the eMobiltiy division has quickly grown into a fully-fledged business activity and we are already partners with most of the market leaders in the energy and mobility market.

Because we have already installed more than a thousand charging stations in the Benelux in recent years, our customers can also count on a great deal of expertise.

Its broad portfolio in environmental works, telecom, alternative energies, etc. enables APK Group to offer total solutions to authorities and companies. In addition, APK Group is ISO certified, which guarantees a high standard of quality. When the installations are put into service, they are always tested and inspected as well, which means that the client is completely relieved of all worries.