District heating

Warmed to the core

APK Group is committed to sustainable forms of energy and is actively working on the energy transition. District heating is a concrete example of this. This makes APK Group a reliable partner for the construction of heat networks in cities.

What is a heat network?

A heat network is an alternative and sustainable way of heating. These connections can be used by both companies and private individuals.

Single pipe heat pipes are used for the heat network. The system consists of several pipes that are connected to each other. Pipes consisting of polyurethane (PUR) insulation and HDPE are used. A number of standards and certifications are set in order for everything to be safe.

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Standards for district heating

APK Group always complies with the various applicable standards for the installation of heat networks. Some examples are:

  • NEN 3650

  • NBN EN 253+A1

  • NBN EN 448:2015

  • NBN EN 488

  • NBN EN 10217-3

  • PED 97/23/EC

Through these standards, we always assure our customers of a quality installation of heat networks. 

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