The sky is the limit

13 June 2022
APK Group has always invested in the growth and progress of its businesses, its strategy and also its staff. Our career development policy is central to this. In this article you will read all about the career possibilities with the aim of making one thing clear: moving forward is the message.
Something for everyone

Career paths and desires vary greatly from person to person. A tailor-made approach is therefore no luxury. Whether you want to grow through promotions (vertically) or prefer to move to another function area (horizontally), APK Group offers you the opportunity to further develop yourself professionally and personally.

A career path always starts from the desire of our employees, but what do you do with this desire to grow? Step one in both vertical and horizontal development is, in the first instance, to report this wish to your manager. You can do this with your Customer Account Manager (CRO) or Business Unit Manager (BUM). Alternative contact points include the HR Business Partners, the MIA (My Individual Action Plan) platform or the Project Administration (PA). The diversity of these contact points has its origins in the creation of a highly accessible career policy. Low-threshold contact points are the basis for this.

During step two in the process, your request for advancement is further communicated to a higher level. In this way, the possibilities within the group can be examined. At this point, various avenues are explored. Which jumps can you make? And what, if any, additional knowledge do you need for this? If it is decided that additional training is needed, you can also follow this within APK Group on the basis of the training budget.

A step-by-step growth process

Difficult is not impossible, but there is a standard growth path for both blue and white collar workers. The figure below nicely shows how your step-by-step growth trajectory, under the guise of 'where there is a will, there is a way' can look like. If you have the necessary motivation and drive, you can grow from a blue-collar worker to COO. A similar pattern applies to the supporting services within our group. Step by step, you can work your way up to manager and then to BUM or COO.

Vertical growth in practice

Daniel Deblanc, who started out at APK Group some 25 years ago as a holiday worker, today embodies the role of Business Unit Manager within the activity drilling. The origins of this role lie in his temporary job as interpreter of APK Group. Not long afterwards, he was recruited as a site manager and then, in 2017, took on the role of BUM. A fine example of a spectacular growth trajectory within APK Group.

Want to know more about Daniel Deblanc's journey in APK Group? Read here The full interview.

Internal mobility

Growing up does not always mean climbing the responsibility ladder. At APK Group we are all too aware of this fact. As a result, every employee can move on to other Business Units (BUs), provided he or she has the necessary knowledge, motivation and skills. For example, you can move from sewerage work to a job in APK Road Construction.

If you want to do something completely different, you may be able to switch from the Construct department to Telecom (fibre). It is possible, with a few conditions: there are open jobs in the desired department and you are ready to follow the necessary training courses if your knowledge is too limited.

My Individual Action Plan

If you do not want to change jobs or departments but would like to develop yourself, you can use MIA or My Individual Action Plan. MIA was created to offer employees a simple way to follow training courses. A process similar to that of career development is applied here. In the first phase, you discuss your desire for training with your immediate superior. Then you can contact the MIA department. You send an email to with your request for training. We then look at the possibilities and training courses that meet your requirements.

I want to grow! Now what?

Are you ready to take the next step in your APK career? Contact your direct supervisor, PA or HR Business Partner and take the plunge. Together we will boost your career within APK!

Not yet a APK'er?

Would you like to take on a new challenge together with our APK family? We would also be happy to draw up a growth plan for our new employees so that they too can move forward.

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