Verfaillie-Leroy enters into partnership with the municipality of De Panne until 2025 

Verfaillie-Leroy wins the tender from the municipality of De Panne.

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Verfaillie-Leroy, known for its signalling, sale, rental and installation of wegmarcustomised casing for the customer and public works, wins the tender from the municipality De Panne. 

The fast delivery of the quotation and good service convinced the municipality of the strengths of Verfaillie-Leroy. This was rewarded with a three-year contract for the provision of traffic signs and accessories for the municipality. The contract is worth approximately 200,000 euros, although it is difficult to estimate the size of the demand in advance. "One year this can be about 10,000 euros and the next year 100,000 euros. That fluctuates a lot". Stefaan Donche knows. 

The demand in the signalling market is very diverse. Each client has different designs, sizes and purposes for use. In order to meet these different requirements, Verfaillie-Leroy has long applied a high level of customisation. Bandwork is therefore out of the question. Quality in the production workshop and communication, on the other hand, are. These, by the way, are the reasons for the success of the De Panne project. According to Joost Breyne, this requires strong teamwork, as is the case with Verfaillie-Leroy. A third unique point about Verfaillie-Leroy is flexibility. 

"We move quickly in our planning to meet customer requirements. In addition, when it comes to markings, the strong weather dependence is a decisive factor in the planning", according to Business Unit Manager Geert Verfaillie. 

In addition to its strong focus on flexibility and personalisation, Verfaillie-Leroy is strongly committed to an in-house mentality. In order to meet the requirements of the municipality, Verfaillie-Leroy carries out as much of the work itself as possible. From the design of the signs to their manufacture from metal, finishing and installation. 

For the future, Geert Verfaillie, Stefaan Donche, Kimberly Decock and Joost Breyne want to focus on growth. "We certainly want to extend our borders to Limburg or Antwerp, for example. At the moment, there are already many projects underway across the country's provinces." 

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