Why is horizontal directional drilling interesting for your projects?

Horizontal directional drilling or HDD is a growing activity within APK Group. They are being used in more and more infrastructure works to ensure less disruption, less damage and faster works.
Why does APK Group opt for horizontal directional drilling?

APK Group deliberately started a new activity for the group 16 years ago: trenchless techniques. Since then, we have specialised further in directional drilling and have gained a great deal of experience in a variety of projects. Today, we guarantee sustainable and high-quality drilling on every construction site.

What are horizontal directional drillings?

The HDD process consists of 3 phases: the pilot drilling, the widening of the borehole and the pulling of the production pipe. During the pilot drilling, a rig pushes the drillhead through the earth to create an opening. Next, a 'reamer' is used to enlarge the hole already made, making room for the final pipe. In the final phase, the reamer must make room for the pipe when it is pulled through the hole created.

But why are horizontal directional drillings more interesting than open trench excavations? What are their advantages?

We summarise it for you in 3 reasons:

Less hindrance

When using horizontal directional drilling, environmental nuisance is reduced compared to outdated techniques. This includes crossing obstacles such as motorways, waterways or railways, nature reserves and industrial estates. With HDD, shutdowns can be avoided. In addition, there is generally less inconvenience because less extensive excavation work has to be carried out.

Less time loss

Another advantage of horizontal directional drilling is the minimal time loss involved. Since not everything has to be broken up and backfilled, HDD is a very fast and efficient way of working.

Less damage to nature

HDD is an environmentally friendly solution as little or no damage is caused to the natural environment in contrast to open-trench excavation. As a result, our trenchless techniques also contribute to the sustainability ambitions of APK Group.

Why is horizontal directional drilling a good idea for my company?

Horizontal directional drilling can be applied in various situations. They are usually used when one wants to avoid having to temporarily interrupt connecting lines. So for your next projects, don't hesitate to consider APK Group as your partner for horizontal directional drilling:

  • under motorways, bicycle or pedestrian paths or railways
  • under car parks or other buildings
  • passing under streams, ponds or other waterways
  • under industrial estates or natural areas by
  • supply lines and cables
  • ...
Are you interested in horizontal directional drilling in your project?

Feel free to contact our Drilling department: APK Drilling

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